Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting your home

Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting your home

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Ruchika working in Chaitanya Hospital as a quality manager. We, at Chaitanya, are following various safety precautions for our patients and staff. Today I will tell you about some important tips to cut down the risk of Corona infection in your home or what precautions you can take with respect to cleaning practices. As we all know that coronavirus may live for hours to days on surfaces. So cleaning and wiping down frequently touched surfaces with disinfectants on a daily basis is very important.

Frequently touched surfaces include TV remotes, switches, tabletops, doorknobs, door handles, kitchen surfaces, kitchen cupboards, refrigerator and microwave doors, bathroom surfaces, sinks, taps, and even soap dispenser pumps. Before cleaning, wear either disposable or washable gloves, open windows to improve ventilation, while cleaning do not touch your eyes, mouth, or nose. Store and use chemicals out of the reach of children and pets. Use these chemicals strictly according to the instructions mentioned on its label.

While cleaning pay attention to the cleaning technique. Obviously you don’t want to recontaminate the surfaces while cleaning. So wipe down the surface in one direction and don’t go back over it again in the opposite direction. You can use color coded dusters. Identify the clothes for specific spaces so that you don’t contaminate the kitchen cloth with a bathroom cloth or any other cloth. If you are reusing a cloth remember to wash it afterwards and let it dry properly otherwise moisture will attract the germs.

Once you are done with the cleaning, wash your gloved hands with soap and water. Pull off the gloves, keep them for drying then wash your bare hands for at least 40 seconds. Besides cleaning of surfaces, disinfecting your devices is equally important. Keyboards, mobile phones, laptops, ipads, remote controls are the magnet for germs you carry with you everywhere. So you need to clean them and disinfect them.

Use a microfibre cleaning cloth or screen wipes for the cleaning. Do not spray disinfectants directly on to the devices as it may cause damage. You can cover the switches and remote controls with cling foil. It will help to prevent the dust air position and also it will make the cleaning easy.

Moving on to the another important aspect is your laundry management. How to deal with the laundry. Often germs and viruses stick to our clothes and can be the biggest carriers. When we return home from any public area it is necessary to immediately put the clothes for a wash. While staying indoor also, it is advisable to change clothes daily. Apart from the clothes bedsheets and towels should be regularly changed, wash pillow covers more frequently. Since that is where airborne droplets will occur the most. Use hot water for washing of clothes.

Last but not the least how to deal with the packages or couriers you receive from outside. Viruses can survive on packages for around 24 hours or more than that. So wiping them with the disinfectant is not at all bad idea. Prevention is always best. Your safety is in your hands. I hope you find this audio useful. Thank you!

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